Meet in-person without the hassle of planning

Start activities near you without planning what, when, and where. Eliminate decision fatigue and spend less time thinking about the details.

As you have more freedom to travel anywhere, you constantly have to find things to do.

You go back and forth with others to choose what, when, and where.

Only to enjoy a spontaneous coffee or coworking session with them.

That's exhausting.

So why plan in the first place?

Unplan instead

Start an activity with ease or go straight to meetups suggested by brands or others nearby.

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    Brand-created suggestions

    Choose a suggested activity near you. 

    Forget about title, type of activity and location of the event.

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    Tell others

    Meeting in-person should be as fast as joining a video call. Share your link the same way you would in a videoconference.

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    Quick chat

    People interested in your activity join a quick group chat where you can keep each other updated on how far you are from the selected destination.

  • Unplan for brands

    Increase your brand's exposure and convert Unplan users to customers.
    Suggest places on the app where they can engage in an activity (cowork, hangout, etc).
    Your brand or business name will be shown on the place you've suggested.

    Requirements: minimum 500 followers, and you're not promoting a specific location.
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