Bring your remote community together in real life

Generate spontaneous activities for your community without thinking about what, when, and where.

What's the vision?

Unplan works with distributed communities across the world that nurture an environment of belonging and social support for remote workers. 

Remote workers rely on current social media platforms to meet. However, these platforms are not completely made for them. Whenever remote workers move to a new city, they have to spend so much time joining communities, events, chatting with people, and finally arranging a meeting point. However, most of the times people don't show up on time or don't show up at all. Many times remote workers end up doing activities on their own, which often feels lonely. 

It's expected that by 2025, only in the US more than 40 million people will work remotely. Imagine how many more there will be around the world who will not only work remotely but will feel lonely. We need to solve this.

Unplan is a community-first app that brings remote workers together in-person.

This is how Unplan will align with your community values.

  • Interconnected communities

    While communities are different from each other, they all have a common goal. Bringing people together. Unplan believes in a world where people shouldn't compete with each other but should support each other towards creating belonging for remote workers

  • Branding

    We're working on a solution that allows your brand, call-to-action, welcome message to be promoted every time one of your members starts an activity. This allows members of other communities to have quick access to your projects and plans to bring remote workers together

  • Beta Access

    As an early adopter, you'll get access to the earliest versions of the Unplan product and have a strong influence in solving challenging remote work problems. Community partners care more about the number of people they helped feel less lonely than the number of bugs an app can have.

  • Premium referral

    Our community partners get up to 30% when their members spend $60 or more towards a subscription (coming soon).

  • Transparency

    You can decide to bring transparency into your community by telling your remote workers where the funds from your referrals go. Whether you want to use them to hire community managers, help non-profits, or support your own project, Unplan will help you with that.

  • Unplanning

    Unplan handles 95% of the work you have to do when getting people together in-person. We know it's hard, but it shouldn't be.

Features based on the # of members

Keeping a remote community engaged in-person is hard. Making sure everyone is happy is even harder. 

The more members you onboard, the more features you'll have access to.

  • Beta

    Up to 10 of your most excited members
    • Early access to product features
    • Strong impact on the product roadmap
    • Weekly Zoom meetings with other remote-friendly organizers
  • Tribe

    At least 100 members in the same area
    • Everything from Beta, plus:
    • Branding
    • Integrations with Telegram/Slack
      Whenever someone starts an activity, members of your groups/channels get notified.
    • Analytics
    • Add admins
    • Get up to 30% when your members reach $60 spent in an Unplan subscription
  • Community

    At least 300 members in the same area
    • Everything from Tribe, plus:
    • Set up partnerships with coffee shops, coworking spaces or other entities.
    • Custom solutions based on your needs
    • More coming...stay tuned!