shouldn't feel lonely

Bring your remote members together in real life, without the need to plan every single event.

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    Your members spend too much time posting on your page, sending messages in groups, or starting events, with the hopes of meeting other members in person. When they don't get a response, they lose trust in your community. Or worse, they leave it.

    Share your link in your community platforms. The members in the same location will get invited to spontaneous chat conversations aimed at bringing your members together.

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    Keep your community financially sustainable

    Communities work hard to bring people together, and usually, they don't get paid for the time they invest in the community.

    Start a subscription for your members, instead. A steady base of 1000 members paying $5 each month earns you $60,000 per year.

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    Improve the local economy

    When communities get paid, it's easier to keep them engaged and support local places and causes.

    Bring transparency to the picture by letting your members know where the funds are going and how you are contributing to the local economy.

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Why do we need spontaneous moments?

As a remote worker, I can’t even imagine working in an office again. 

Being stuck in traffic, meeting coworkers I dislike, and working a full 8 hours shift in the same place is a lifestyle I already forgot. 

However, there were two things that I know most of us enjoyed. 

Meeting random coworkers we genuinely liked having around.

And the unplanned moments of satisfaction that came from sharing a simple coffee.

Sure. We have Zoom, Slack, Facebook. 

However, these cannot replicate serendipity. 

Because now we have to plan those moments. 

We need to join communities, introduce ourselves in groups, plan events, hoping that someone will invite us. 

The bottom line is that we feel lonely

Unplan wants to find those unplanned moments for you. 

All you have to do is move in serendipitous areas.

Unplan will match you with remote workers in your community.

Communities contribute their time to maintain an environment of belonging. 

While remote workers help the communities stay afloat with a subscription.

This framework allows geographical areas to thrive, local businesses to grow, and communities to keep engaging remote workers like you.

I hope to see you around in person.


Co-founder of Unplan