IRL activities suggested by local brands.

Start activities near you without planning what, when, and where. Eliminate decision fatigue so you can get back to enjoying your life.

As you have more freedom to travel anywhere at any time

You have to find things to do constantly

And have to go back and forth with others to choose what, when, and where.

Only to enjoy a simple spontaneous coffee or coworking session with others.

That's exhausting.

So why plan in the first place?

Unplan instead

Remove decision fatigue and go straight to meeting up in places. Brands suggest the place, you just need to show up.

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    Brand-created suggestions

    Choose an activity suggestion near you. You don't have to think about the title, type of activity, or location of the events.
    That's taken care of by local brands.

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    Tell others

    Meeting IRL should be as fast as joining a video call. Share your link the same way you would in a video conference. 

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    Quick chat

    People interested in your activity, join a quick group chat where you can keep each other updated. Once the activity is done, the group chat will disappear.
    Less clutter on your phone.

  • Unplan for Brands

    Add value to users worldwide by suggesting places where they can do activities.
    Make your brand more visible and convert users to customers.
    Just ping us on Instagram and let us know if you qualify.

    Requirements: minimum 500 followers, and you're not promoting a specific location.
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